Full Memory Foam Mattresses, Toppers & Pillows

Full Memory Foam

Memory foam was originally developed by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) to absorb the G-force during space shuttle takeoff for its unique quality of bouncing back into its original shape. This NASA-invented memory foam also relaxes your body muscles, relieves body aches and hence reduces the tossing and turning during those sleepless nights.


The SleepMed Memory Foam range is made of open cell, temperature-sensitive, full Visco Elastic Memory Foam for superior comfort and long-lasting support in mattresses, toppers and pillows.


Here at SleepMed, we believe in delivering the unadulterated, restful support of full memory foam in a mattress. SleepMed also builds a super-soft and stretchable fabric around this memory foam core to hug your body for a comfy, hi-tech peaceful night’s rest.

SleepMed Memory Foam Mattress Range Specifications

  • Memory Foam
  • Knitted Fabric

SleepMed Memory Foam Pillows

SleepMed Memory Foam Pillows

Lay your head to rest upon the luxurious SleepMed Pillows for soft, feather-like memory foam comfort that firms around your head and neck to provide support through the night.

SleepMed Memory Foam 5/7-inch Mattress

SleepMed Memory Foam 5/7-inch Mattresses

Choose between five-inch and seven-inch thickness of full memory foam in your SleepMed Memory Foam Mattress that relaxes your tired muscles for an unparalleled, restful slumber.

SleepMed Memory Foam Mattress Toppers

SleepMed Memory Foam Mattress Toppers

Layer SleepMed’s Memory Foam comfort atop your existing mattress with SleepMed Memory Foam Toppers. Enjoy plush embrace of knitted fabric without changing your mattress.

Suitable For

  • Budget Conscious Buyers
  • Air-Conditioned Bedrooms
  • High Comfort Seekers
  • Soft Mattress Fans
  • Allergy Sufferers